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TRS 2016 Series Standings

TRS Results – 04-21-16

TRS Results 2016 – May 5-16

TRS Results 2016 – May 19-16

TRS Results 2016 – June 2-16

TRS Results 2016 – June 16-16

TRS Results 2016 – June 30-16

TRS Results 2016 – July 14-16

TRS Results 2016 – July 28-16

TRS Results 2016 – August 11-16

TRS Results 2016 – August 25-16

The classic criterium road race takes place on a closed course, approximately 1.2km in length, featuring a small hill, shaded areas, and 4 corners.  Primes available in all races!

 Series dates for 2016 are as follows:

April 21, May 5, May 19, June 2, June 16, June 30, July 14, July 28, Aug 11, Aug 25

How to Register:


ONLINE:  Complete the registration form found on the “Registration” page above.  Submit payment using PayPal. Print, complete, scan, and email back your waiver to

For Single-Night race participation, riders must register using the “online” instructions listed in #1 above.  We will accept registrations up to the Wednesday Night before each race (e.g. up to Wed, May 4th for the Thurs, May 5th race night). YOU CANNOT REGISTER ONLINE THE DAY OF A RACE AS THIS WILL NOT BE MONITORED.

Your registration is not considered complete and you cannot race until payment and waiver is received.

Contact with any questions.

Race Categories and Start Times as follows – these may be adjusted dependent on the registrations received for each category and the racing conditions!

C/Women/Junior:   6:00pm (20 minutes + 3 laps)

B:   6:30pm (40 minutes + 3 laps)

A:   7:15pm (1 hour + 3 laps, up to 1.5 hours + 3 laps depending on sunset)

Prize Money:

Women: 1st-$30,2nd-$20,3rd-$10

B: 1st-$30,2nd-$20,3rd-$10,4th-$10,5th-$10

A: 1st-$60,2nd-$50,3rd-$40,4th-$30,5th-$20

Race Fees (all include a $20 social membership to the Ciociaro Cycling Club):

$130 – Ontario Residents with UCI License

$50USD – US Residents with UCI License

Single Race: $40

Juniors (under 18): No race fees required (however, must complete registration and all forms) – if a Junior rider participates in 5 out of the 10 races, their OCA Citizen’s Permit fee will be reimbursed!


**Racers can join an additional race each night for free!**

A’s may sit on the back of the B Race to warm-up.  You must start on the back of the B-race at the beginning, OR check in at the Commissaire and enter from the back of the main B peleton when they come around.  Riders will be disqualified from racing by the Commissaire should they be found interfering with the B-race and/or causing a safety hazard.

B riders may race in the A race.

Women/C’s may race in the B’s or A’s.

If a racer wants to change categories, please email to be switched.

Licensing Information:

The CCC is not able to facilitate participant’s purchase of Citizen’s Permits due to changes implemented by the OCA.  ALL RIDERS (including US Residents) must have a UCI license or Citizen’s Permit through the OCA to participate in a CCC race.  Please check out the OCA’s website to ensure you have the correct license.

 TRS Rules:

Points Leader Jersey:  The points leader of each race will get to wear a Points Leader Jersey each week, generously sponsored by Infinit Nutrition.  At the end of the series, the overall leader will keep the jersey as a series prize. Thanks to Infinit Nutrition for their support!

Junior Points Standings:  Series points standings will be tracked for junior riders.

The C Race and Womens’ Race will start at the same time (not separated), and will race together.  At the finish, the riders will be recognized/placed within their registered category (i.e. C or Women, Junior, etc). The Women will continue to have their own points standings and prize money.

The section of the track where cars cross into the infield continues to be a safety concern, and volunteers are needed to ensure that riders are kept safe.  The Board has decided that each major race team/club will be asked to provide 2-3 volunteers on a specific night to man the crossing.  With the number of local teams/clubs participating in the series, the Board anticipates each one will only be assigned 1 or 2 nights to take their turn.  The Board thanks everyone for their assistance in keeping the races safe!

  1. Events start exactly at the times posted.  Please plan appropriately.
  2. Riders must sign in at each event.  Sign in is open up to the start of each race.
  3. The parking lot is closed for warmup.  You may ride your bike in the parking lot (over to registration or to the washrooms)  Riders are allowed to warmup on the track once the race before is finished.  Other warming up/cooling down must take place on the roads outside of the venue.
  4. A bell rings 1 lap before the primes and finish.  Primes will be announced at the beginning of each race.
  5. Helmets must be worn at all times while riding your bike.  Race, warm-up and riding over to registration area.
  6. Awards and prizes will be held each night approximately 5 minutes after the finish.  Riders are allowed one lap to cool down then must report to the podium for the awards ceremony.  Riders who fail to report to the awards ceremony in a timely manner will forfeit their awards/prize money. If a rider would like to race up a category, please report to the podium first and then the commissaire will blend them into the race.
  7. You may not ride backwards on the track at any time.
  8. You are allowed 1-2 free laps due to a recognized mishap (flat tire,…) however you may not rejoin the pack with 3 laps to go or after the time expires.  You must re-enter into the same group you were in before the mishap.  This shall be determined by the commissaire or organizer.
  9. Lapped riders in the A & B category may re-join the group one-time, but cannot move towards the front of the group and/or affect the outcome of the race.  A & B riders who are about to be lapped twice must leave the track.  With 5 laps to go, ALL lapped riders must leave the race.  The C category will allow lapped riders to continue racing.  The winner shall be the rider who covered the greatest number of laps and final sprint placing. The Commissaire reserves the right to determine at any time whether someone should be removed from a race based on the circumstances at the time.
  10. No feeding is allowed at any time during the race.
  11. Riders may be moved up or down categories based on the discretion of the Board and/or race director. If a rider moves up a category they bring half of their accumulated points with them. As a suggested guide, the Board will consider the rider’s UCI license category:  A (S1/2/3, M1/2, Junior 17-18, Women), B (M3, S4/5, Junior 15-16, Citizens with experience, Women), C/Women (1st year Citizens, Women, Cadets, Citizens U-19)
  12. Points will be awarded based on top ten each night based on 1st-25, 2nd-18, 3rd-15, 4th-12, 5th-10, 6th-8, 7th-6, 8th-4, 9th-2, 10th-1 point structure.  All racers will receive points on race night, if a rider is not registered in the series their points are not available to the next rider in the series.  Top 7 races count towards final standings.
  13. Series points competition are for riders registered for the series only.
  14. Riders registered for the series will be charged $5 for number replacement for lost, destroyed or forgotten numbers.
  15. Equipment rules will follow UCI rules.  Eg.  No tri-bars, or certain wheels (4 spoke spinergy or 3 spoke spin)
  16. In the event of a crash the entire course MAY become neutral and light riding will be allowed if possible.  The countdown clock will be stopped. The race will be restarted on the start line with the same time gaps between breaks and groups before the crash.  In the event that the race cannot be finished for whatever reason, at the discretion of the race director and/or commissaire, points won at the following race will be duplicated and awarded in the same amount for race that was cancelled.  Prize money from the cancelled race will be awarded the following race as double money.
  17. Events run rain or shine, Thunder and Lightening will delay start.
  18. Events run with the sanction or permit from the OCA and we therefore have additional rules and expectations that are in line with the UCI Cycling Regulations. Click here for the Rule Handbook
  19. In the presence of an electrical storm, we ask for the cooperation to ensure the safety of the riders and spectators.  A 30-minute mandatory delay is required after lightning is seen.


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